The Sea Star Wasting Syndrome Task Force

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Marine diseases are on the rise.

In response to the sea star wasting disease outbreak, we have assembled a Sea Star Wasting Syndrome Task Force to identify:

  • Gaps in Knowledge
  • Research Goals
  • Action Items
  • Potential Conservation Strategies

The Task Force is populated by academic scientists, state and federal agencies, conservation organizations, aquaculture specialists, and private partners to respond effectively to the disease. Many Task Force members are the authors of the first issue of the Sea Star Wasting Disease Strategic Action Plan.


Attendees of the Sea Star Wasting Workshop, November 16, 2017 in Pasadena, CA. Front row (left to right): Diego Montecino-Latorre, Elliot Jackson, Jenna Sullivan, Chris Derito, Piper Wallingford, Maurice Goodman, Laurel Field, Sarah Gravem, Bruce Menge, Lauren Schiebelhut, Jonathan Robinson Middle row (left to right): Monica Moritsch, Amy Henry, Emil Aalto, Lenaïg Hemery, Malina Loeher Back row (left to right): Sean Bignami, Tim Carpenter, Cascade Sorte, Michael Dawson, Benjamin Dalziel, Cassie Glaspie, Cynthia Catton, Jennifer Burnaford, Noah Jaffe, Dannise Ruiz-Ramos, Corey Garza

Organizational structure of the Sea Star Wasting Syndrome Task Force. Working groups are in purple circles, with the backgrounds of participating members in orange circles.